Terms of Use

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1. Applications of These Conditions

The invalidity or enforce-ability of any one or more of the provisions of this Agreement will not invalidate, or render unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

2. Variation Of These Terms And Conditions

Goods and services

1. Quote

2. Inventory

3. Orders

4. Pricing and Rates

5. Contracting

6. Delivery, Title and Risk

7. Returns and Claims for Goods and Services

8. Computer Utility, Functionality and Fitness for Purpose

9. Force Majeure

10. Warranties

Our Responsibilities

1. Privacy statement and your right

2. Our Website

3. Insurance Coverage

Your Responsibilities

1. Submitting of Service Requests

2. Non-Solicitation of Clients and Employees

Appendix A

Service Request Submitting Process

Include a short description of the problem and any screenshots of errors to assist in the resolution of the issue.

If the issue is being submitted by either phone or external email you must include your name, company and return contact details.

Service requests must not be lodged directly with technicians, as this detracts them from resolving the current issue they are working on. If you don’t submit your service request following the above approved method, your request will forego a guaranteed response time.

Service Request Submitting Process

Appendix B

Guaranteed Response Times