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Our Core Values


Pride in delivering excellence

We strive to produce at our highest potential to ensure that everything we deliver is the best it can be. The outcome is excellence and deep pride in our work.

We persist in working on and doing things that produce results in the most reasonable, cost-effective, efficient, and practical way.

Every team member is critical to the things we care about—customer satisfaction, company growth, and a sustainable workplace.



Passion drives us

We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going and we are committed to our mission because we are helping businesses succeed. This drives our daily work.

We work with urgency to solve problems.

We value passion, perseverance, resourcefulness, and curiosity.

While our work is important and we are serious about what we produce, we are not corporate, dull, or boring. We find joy and meaning in our work and have fun while working hard. Everyone plays a part in making time for spontaneity and laughter.



Doing the right thing always

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, consumers, vendors and the public. We aim to say what we mean and do what we say. We will always take responsibility for our actions.



Pursue knowledge constantly

We are eager to learn and share information among colleagues and clients. We relentlessly pursue new ideas and innovative IT solutions. We share our knowledge with our clients to make them better at what they do.

We believe learning is fundamental to human flourishing and strive to support educational opportunities on every front. When faced with a choice between optimal efficiency or a chance to learn something new, we will choose to learn, to grow, and to better ourselves. We teach each other and actively learn from one another and are willing to take on challenges for which we may not feel quite ready.


People First

Build people-centric relationships

We focus on people first by helping our customers, energizing and supporting our employees, respecting our contractors and collaborators, and serving the communities in our region. When a person goes above and beyond in this area, they own their impact on our business and our partners’ success. They dive deep to understand how and why our industry and our customers tick.

We’re all about providing great service – to consumers, to customers, to our communities and to each other. A true champion of this mindset takes pride in knowing that we’re making a real difference by working together.



Team work makes the dream work

We seek to understand how we can best support each other and make choices that put team before individual performance.

We work hard to build collaborative relationships through candid communications and consistency of actions. We are straightforward and trustworthy.

Our friendly and familiar spirit is demonstrated in our interactions with one another.

It takes hard work to produce at our level, and we always challenge ourselves and expect to be challenged by others. This is fundamental to learning and growing. At times, we make mistakes. We expect them, own them, and learn from them.

Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and opinions, and to be thoughtful and open about the ideas and opinions of others. We want to inspire each other to achieve great things.



We work hard and play hard(

We strive to improve the world with happiness. We want people to enjoy their work and appreciate the values of hard work and healthy relationships. We realize that having fun and smiling keeps not only our employees healthy but our clients eager to interact with our team because of our can-do attitude.