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Repair Guarantee

If Anything goes wrong with the repair we’ve done, we’ll happily fix it. We may not be tall, but we stand proudly behind everything we do. Our duty to you doesn’t end when your check is cashed. We want to make you so happy with our service that you have to tell someone else about us. The person behind you in line at the grocery store, your favorite bank teller, a random passerby on the street… we aren’t picky!

Free Estimates

You already know your computer is broken, so why pay someone to figure out the specifics? If you call us to check things out, it’s our job to earn your trust, and your business. We do that by coming to your home or office and giving you a free estimate. This gives you the freedom to call us for any problem, big or small, at no risk of getting a huge bill.

Residential Flat Rate Pricing

If it only took us 10 minutes to fix the problem, why should you pay for a full hour of labor? Tech in a Flash doesn’t charge per hour… we charge per task.

No Fix No Pay

If we start a task and after a couple of hours realize we can’t fix it – we don’t charge you. We figure you’re paying us to get the job done. The pay-by-hour plan would mean you’d have to pay the tech for the fruitless hours he attempted to fix the problem. But with Tech in a Flash it’s simple: no fix = no pay. We will even help you find the right person for the job.

We Come To You

We don’t charge you just to show up on your doorstep. If you are in our service area, there is no charge for hiring us to help you the way you want to be helped. Well, unless you want us to bring pizza or cupcakes – we’d probably have to charge extra for that…

Small Enough To Care About You

Even though we’re getting bigger, we still have small town service. If we ever lost a customer because of poor service, it would hurt the whole company. Everyone is dedicated to helping customers, in fact our policy is: employees have to get permission from a manager to say no to a customer.

Family Owned

We are a family owned business, not a major corporate conglomerate. This means your happiness directly affects ours. When you are pleased as punch, we can sleep at night.

Free Help

Once you’re our customer, call us for anything. Often times a simple error will plague you for days, and we can help fix it in seconds. Part of our philosophy is to help our customers with the little things for free, so you’ll trust us to fix the bigger things.

Customer Service

Our Mission Statement is “Make the customer so happy with our service that they have to tell someone else about us.” We strive to treat our customers the way we would treat our own Grandmother.